More than a thousand beekepers from across the country, and other nations, will meet in the city of Mérida, Yucatán from Wednesday June 8 to Friday 10, to participate in the 23rd International Updating Congress of Apiculture.

Ricardo Vázques Castillo, president of the National Association of Veterinary Medicine Specialized in Bees (Asociación Nacional de Medicina Veterinaria Especializada en Abejas), announced that international experts from other countries will take part on this event with lectures and workshops in which a wide array of different topics will be addressed; from training on how to improve beekeeping, to information on how to commercialize honey and other bee related products in European markets.


Pablo Castro Alcocer, SAGARPA delegate in Yucatan, stressed the importance of this event, reminding that over 11 thousand beekeepers live and work in our state; with approximatelly 15,800 beehives, where just this year 13,500 tons of honey were produced, number that already became an annual record for the Yucatán.