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Evictions provoke reservations cancellations in Tulum

by Yucatan Times

A recent eviction of hotels in one of Tulum’s coastal regions is causing an increase in tourist cancellations.

Several businesses in the Punta Piedra area of Tulum say they are receiving numerous hotel cancellations for reservations. Some of the recent cancellations are for reservations that were booked into the upcoming summer months.

Ioana Dide of Posada La Mar said that although hotel guests found other accommodations during the time of the eviction, the experience for visitors goes far beyond that. She explained that the eviction left many visitors with memories of scenes of violence, causing tourists to cancel their reservations.

She says that normally by this time of year, reservations for the months of June to August are full, but due to recent events, the hotel only has a 25 percent occupancy rate for the upcoming summer holiday season.

“For now we do not have a high rate of reservations. To be honest, after the recent dislodging and all the ugly images seen in other countries, online reservations that used to be two or three a day are now zero. We also had some cancellations and the long-term truth is, it’s not very good. Unfortunately, it is a gray area where people saw violent acts and those images are worth more than words,” she added.

Tourists never imagined they would suddenly be evicted from their hotel (Photo: quien.com)

Tourists never imagined they would suddenly be evicted from their hotel (Photo: quien.com)

Richard Contreras of Akiin Beach Tulum said the evictions, which included hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the Punta Piedra zone, were not violent.

According to Contreras statements, international media outlets have exaggerated the extent of the violence. In fact, he said, the incident “was not particularly violent.”

Kevin Widman, hotel receptionist at Ana & José, said that because of the reputation of the area, international tourists may choose not to come to Tulum as a destination.

Widman says, “Tulum is giving a bad image to the rest of the world. Tourists never imagined they would suddenly be evicted from their hotel… and when that happend, it was a terrible experience.

Maybe some tourists understand the situation and maybe others do not. Travelers spend a lot of time and money to come down here and it is not fair for them to have such a bitter experience during their holiday.”


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