Dr. José Enrique Guerra: Leader in medical tourism

A graduate of Universidad Anahuac del Mayab, Dr. José Enrique Guerra is proudly a Yucatecan who has succesfully combined his skills as a medical doctor, marketing specialist and businessman in order to provide a service of excellence to people traveling to the Yucatan for medical purposes.

Dr. Guerra studied the specialty of Sports Medicine, and he was Director and Project Leader of the Anahuac Mayab University Hospital for 4 years.

He is the founder and general manager of the Clinica Laboral Peninsular, a clinic that provides health treatment, medical evaluations, and physical therapy to local corporations. The clinic has served more than 30 companies since 2009, with a staff of 15 doctors from 6 different specialties.

Dr. Guerra is also CEO at Yucatan Medical Services (YMS), a health care organization, located in Merida, Yucatan.

YMS is the most trusted provider for medical tourism services in the region, serving American and Canadian patients seeking safe, highly effective, personalized programs for world-class health care abroad, and helping them to save up to 80% of the costs they would pay in the U.S. or Canada.

TYT: How did the idea of creating a company such as YMS come up?

Medical Tourism is currently a global trend in which Mexico is leader due to several strategic factors; geographic location, world class medical facilities, highly specialized medical personnel, air connectivity, no waiting lists and most of all costly effective service.

We detected a big potential for business opportunity and decided to start with the project more than 8 years ago. Today we are the most experienced company in this field in all the Yucatan Peninsula. Some competition has started to come up, but basically they are just copying our business model, and don’t have the knowledge, experience and infrastructure that we have built for years.

YMS is operated by doctors and a bilingual staff, which makes the patient’s trip to Merida a great experience.
Our doctors are certified, experienced and specialized in North American institutions, in some cases they have even practiced and carried out surgical procedures at hospitals in the US.

YMS offers patients an integral service for just a fraction of the cost they would be paying in the U.S or Canada; in fact, people can save up to 80% of the treatment cost, plus they can get to visit archaeological sites, natural attractions, beach destinations or de luxe spas, once they have succesfully recovered, of course.

I can tell you that we are the undisputed, leading medical tourism organization in the Yucatan Peninsula, with more than 8 years of experience. Combining the best hospitals and clinics, along with the best trained and qualified English speaking doctors, some of them graduated from universities in the U.S.


TYT: What would be the best reasons to choose YMS as a service provider?
-We are highly oriented towards customer service.
-The quality of the doctors in our network.
-We have contact with high-end Medical Facilities in Mérida Yucatán
-Merida is less than a two hour flight from Houston or Miami (with direct flights every day of the week)
-We have treatment options for any budget, and all of our services include pick up at airport and hotel, transportation back and forth from hospital / clinic / or doctor’s office, and a translator during your doctor´s appointment (if necessary, cause most specialists in Merida speak fluent English).
-We have a team of medical professionals that will guide you every step of the way.
-We treat each and every patient as a person, not as a case or file number.
-But mostly because Merida is the city with the best quality of life in Mexico, and every single visitor is welcomed as in no other place.

Fact is, thousands of American, Canadian and European citizens have come on vacation, and after a week or two, they have decided to make the Yucatan their home.

TYT: What can you tell us about medical facilities in Yucatán?

We need to start by saying that the University of Yucatan’s School of Medicine was founded on June 10, 1833, and not many places in the Americas can say that. Mérida has been a medical hub in southeast Mexico for more than 60 years, receiving patients from other Mexican states, U.S., Guatemala and Belize.

The hospitals in our network are among the most advanced and certified medical facilities in Mexico, with specific programs carefully designed to attract international medical tourism patients, complying with the same high standards as in the U.S. for just a fraction of their costs, but with equal or better quality of attention.

We locally have four or five different private and public hospitals that offer superior quality healthcare services, besides, any expat can tell you that the medical cost savings in Mexico are tremendous.


TYT: Have you promoted YMS outside Mexico?

Yes, YMS is a member of the Medical Tourism Association; and I have personally attended the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress, that is the Medical Tourism Association‘s annual international conference, where the annual membership meeting is held.

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) is the industry’s official organization dedicated to the growth of the industry globally.

Each year more hospitals and countries are getting involved in medical tourism and international patient services, creating more competition. Healthcare providers, hospitals and systems need to invest in creating a sustainable global brand and leverage new domestic, regional and international business relationships to increase their number of patients.

TYT: What would you say are YMS competitive advantages?

  • We provide our customers with written quotation detailing the services to be performed
    – Coordination between patient and provider
    – Arrangement for hotel accomodations, recovery program (if indicated) and transportation services.
    – Special airport pick-up service.
    – Hospital concierge to accompany you to appointments and ensure your understanding of medical procedures.
    – Records transfer facilitated by your chosen provider.
    – Local cellphone to contact your doctor, services or YMS personal 24/7
    – Special needs (Wheel chairs, crutches, etc)
  • As I told you, YMS is a member of the Medical Tourism Association, we have been attending the Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress for a number of years now, in order to promote our company on global scale.

TYT: Finally, what would say to the people reading this article outside Mexico that are thinking to come down for a medical treatment or surgery?

Merida is developing as a world-class destination for healthcare, treatments, surgical procedures and wellness tourism, with growing numbers of tourists travelling to the city from around the globe for different types of medical services.

Merida, as a “world-class destination” with “high-end tourists”, is perfectly poised for medical tourism, and last year, the Ministry of Tourism launched the state’s first medical tourism portal where patients can have access to a directory featuring a list of more than 70 specialists. The site is: http://yucatanhealthcare.com/?lang=en

And I would like to say to the Yucatan Times readers that if they have any doubts or questions, please feel free to contact me at: doctor.guerra@theyucatantimes.com

Or call Yucatan Medical Services:


Merida, Yucatan; Mexico
(+52 1) 999 9440633
Interview by Alejandro Azcárate for The Yucatan Times.

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