American dies in scooter crash in Cancun Hotel Zone

Accident scene. (PHOTO:

CANCUN – An American man died Monday June 27 after his scooter crashed into a concrete wall in the Cancun Hotel Zone.

The accident happened around 9:00 a.m. Monday when a man on a blue Italika scooter was seen driving at excess speed at kilometer 3.5 of the Cancun Hotel Zone.

Emergency personnel were called to the scene of the crash after 50-year-old Pedro Ross, who was originally from Texas, lost control and hit a concrete wall. Mr. Ross died from the head-on impact.

Accident scene. (PHOTO:
Accident scene. (PHOTO:

Ministerial Police noted that the day before, Mr. Ross received minor injuries after he was involved in a bumper accident with a Windstar van while navigating hotel zone traffic at excessive speed.