Witchcraft ritual evidence points to Santería

The appearance of an alleged act of witchcraft  right next to the main highway entrance to town caused uproar and alarm among residents of Progreso.

According to witnesses, between 10 p.m. and 12 a.m. on Saturday April 30, unknown individuals set up a red tablecloth on the ground right next to the highway, on which they placed two beheaded animals, a hen and a small young goat.

The bodies, legs and heads of these animals were displayed across the red cloth, in what looked like a determined pattern, along with a glass of water, candles, matches and coconut shells split in half containing different objects.

At 1 am, people who passed by the spot reported seeing the red cloth with lighted candles, but it was not until later Sunday morning, in daylight, that people arriving to Progreso took pictures, which started circulating on social networks featurng the title “brujería” (withcraft).

Alarm for alleged act of “witchcraft” near Progreso (Source: progresohoy.com)

According to people who know about these kind of rituals, it could be a “gift” to one or more people in order to do well in life and at work and is not regarded as a bad thing.

But there were those who said it is a “satanic ritual” and even “black magic” to harm someone.

Others believe it could be part of a Santería ritual. Santería (Way of the Saints) is an Afro-Caribbean religion based on a syncretism of African and Roman Catholic beliefs and traditions, that in many cases involves animal sacrifices.

There is a large Cuban community in the Yucatán, and it is well known that some of them practice Santería.

Source: http://progresohoy.com/