Walmart on Paseo de Montejo evacuated after bomb threat

K-9 units inspected Walmart in the wake of a bomb threat. (PHOTO:
Police responded in force for an alleged bomb threat that was reported Sunday May 8 in the Walmart store on Paseo de Montejo, where store security personnel activated its emergency alarm and evacuated all customers.

Patrols of the Public Security Ministry and Prosecutor General’s Office went to the scene and using dogs trained to detect explosives toured the facility, with negative results. 
The Ministry of Public Security said that Walmart staff called to report they had received a phone call from a male voice threatening to detonate a grenade inside the store. Police proceeded to conduct a thorough review around the property with trained dogs, but no explosive device was found. After the search concluded, the store resumed operations as normal.
K-9 units inspected Walmart in the wake of a bomb threat. (PHOTO:
K-9 units inspected Walmart in the wake of a bomb threat. (PHOTO:
Unofficially it was learned that at 3:50 pm the Walmart manager received a call from a man claiming to belong to the Gulf Cartel and who made a list of requirements, including several products in the area of Pharmacy, or otherwise he would detonate grenades. At 5 pm the store resumed normal activities.
Although officially there have been no arrests in the bomb threat, in the pasta aisle ministerial agents detained two people: a pair of brothers from the state of Mexico, who bore identical tattoos on their left arms that could be identified as belonging to some kind of grouping.

The detainees were transported from the scene in separate police vehicles.





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