OPINION: Are Mexican protesters making Trump “stronger”?

Fox News commentator Todd Starnes recently wrote a column strongly criticizing anti-Trump protesters in the U.S. TYT tries to provide a wide range of views on controversial subjects. Here is an excerpt from Mr. Starnes’ column.

There is something a bit unsettling about watching violent, foul-mouthed protesters waving the Mexican flag on American soil.

Over the weekend, Hispanic children lined the streets in Fort Wayne, Indiana – hurling filthy insults at Donald Trump supporters.

“F*** you,” the youngsters shouted as they flipped off passerby. “F*** you.”

Video captured images of the angry protesters wearing sombreros and holding signs that read, “Brown Pride.”

What kind of a parent would allow their child to behave that way in public?

A similar protest turned violent last week in Southern California – as a horde of illegals and their supporters violently attacked Trump supporters, police and even a horse. Yes, a horse.

(Photo: Fox News)

Cole Bartiromo, identified by local media as a Trump supporter, needed a half-dozen stiches after the mob bashed open his head.

“Suddenly, out of nowhere I felt this thud in the front of my head,” Bartiromo told CBLA.com. “I started panicking – getting scared, thinking, ‘When are they going to stop? Are they going to kill me? I mean, these aren’t rational people.’”

The California mob spilled into the streets – blocking roadways and smashing police cars. They intended to shut down a Trump rally. They intended to silence Mr. Trump and his supporters.

And in recent days an image that came from California, struck Americans all over the country – a small child – holding a sign. It read, “Make America Mexico Again.”

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Source: http://www.foxnews.com/