Mexican government supports mother of 16-year-old shot by Border Patrol Agent in 2012

In 2012,16-year-old Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez was the fatal victim of a shooting across the Mexican border (Photo:

On Thursday May 12, the Mexican Government presented an Amicus Curiae brief to a U.S. court of appeals about the case of a Mexican minor murdered by a US police agent, according to reports released today.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) reported that the government of Mexico filed an Amicus Curiae brief to the Federal Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, based in San Francisco, California.

This way the Mexican authorities intervene in the case of the minor Jose Antonio Elena Rodriguez, killed in 2012 by a Border Patrol agent, who shot him ten times from U.S. territory.

The name of the Border Patrol Agent who shot the unarmed Mexican youth in the back across the border is Lonnie Ray Swartz, who claimed he shot the young man becase he was throwing rocks at him across the border fence.


With his action, Mexico supports the right of the mother to demand compensation for the tragic death of her son.

Currently, the agent responsible for the minor’s death is being prosecuted in the United States, said a statement from the SRE.

Mexico reiterates in the text, that Washington has acknowledged that no person shall be deprived of life arbitrarily and in case of violation of a person’s rights, this person has right to an ‘effective remedy’ before the courts.