Home Headlines Dolphin activists to demonstate against animal cruelty in Playa del Carmen May 7

Dolphin activists to demonstate against animal cruelty in Playa del Carmen May 7

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“Delfines En Libertad” is a grass roots, non-profit group, existing on limited funds. It was founded by a collective of concerned and committed individuals sharing a common desire to see an end to animal suffering.

The team incorporates an eclectic mix of experience, including researchers, biologists, ecologists, divers and campaigners. Following is information provided by this organization.

Captive dolphins and other marine mammals carrying out ‘Swim-with’ tricks will perform the same trick from 10 – 60 times a day every day of the year

Dolphinaria do not close for public holidays and dolphins do not get a day off!  That means they will be doing the same thing day in and day out!

Dolphins’ body parts are utilised to create fairground style rides where they will pull tourists along with their fins or push them out of the water with their faces.

Although dolphins are extremely strong animals, the tricks are completely unnatural and interaction of this kind would never occur in the wild.


The repetition of the tricks causes lesions and cuts on the bodies of the dolphins especially lesions on the rostrums (faces) of the dolphins as seen above (Photo: dolphinsfree.org)

Maintained Hungry

Dolphins are trained to carry out these tricks by a reward based system, they are fed a fish every time they successfully perform a trick.

This means to ensure the dolphins will perform they must be maintained hungry. They are fed an adequate amount of food throughout the day but the food is staggered so the dolphins are desperate enough to perform the trick.

Staff in interactive marine parks will tell tourists the dolphins carry out the tricks voluntarily but really they are just obeying an order so they can eat.

Captive dolphins are kept in a state of perpetual hunger !

Exposure to Noise

Dolphins have been scientifically proven to have extremely sensitive hearing.  No dolphinaria park takes this into consideration and dolphins and other marine mammals are exposed to extremely loud noises from morning till evening.  They are exposed to loud music, constant whistling, people laughing, shouting, children screaming, etc.

MAY 7TH WORLD EMPTY THE TANKS DAY for all the captive dolphins globally! (Photo: dolphinsfree.org)

WORLD EMPTY THE TANKS DAY for all the captive dolphins globally! (Photo: dolphinsfree.org)

Regular demonstrations have been taking place in Quintana Roo. These demonstrations are essential to raise awareness in the local area and to show dolphinaria that we do not support this type of money making business.

And this Saturday May 7, at 6:30 pm, a massive demonstration against animal cruelty will be held in Playa del Carmen. Specifically at the site known as “Parque Fundadores”, since it is the conmemoration of  “WORLD EMPTY THE TANKS DAY”  for all the captive dolphins globally!

Join the global day of protests across Mexico happening in 6 different locations, Monterrey, Durango, Mexico City and in the heart land of dolphin exploitation, Playa Del Carmen, Quintana Roo.


Source: http://dolphinsfree.org/

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