Cuban rafter who landed at Dzilam pleads not to be deported


DZILAM BRAVO — A Cuban rafter who reached Dzilam Bravo after being shipwrecked, between tears pleaded to authorities that he not be deported.

Andres Torres, 54, who was shipwrecked on Wednesday 4 May near the coast of Dzilam Bravo and Santa Clara, was arrested Thursday by officers of the Municipal Police, when wandering through the streets of this port asking for money to eat.

Villagers alerted police of his presence because his appearance seemed strange.

The Cuban explained to the officials that he and two companions left the Caribbean island about nine days ago, aboard a precarious raft made with pieces of wood.


He said the day before yesterday they foundered because the raft no longer resisted the onslaught of the sea, and after the accident, arrived at the beaches Dzilam Bravo.

He added that his companions, who are younger, abandoned to their fate on the beach, and their whereabouts are unknown. As he could, Andres Torres made it to the village to ask for money and assistance, as he told the agents.

It was at 9 in the morning when the raft was found. Andres Torres was arrested on 16th Street between 13 and 9 of this port and taken to the local Command, where with tears in his eyes he asked not to be deported to Cuba because his goal was to reach the United States.

The Municipal Police was waiting to deliver Torres to staff of the National Institute of Migration.