City hopes new streetlights will help revitalize Paseo de Montejo and parks

New street lights installed on Paseo de Montejo bring better illumination. (PHOTO:

Merida’s director of Public Municipal Services Luis Jorge Montalvo Duarte said that due to the instructions of Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal, the City Council ordered several improvements to enhance the lighting in Paseo de Montejo, actions made after the mayor heard the suggestions of tourism entrepeneurs and restauranteurs operating in the area.

Montalvo stressed that the new lighting adds to the coordinated actions of the Municipal Government and private initiative to stengthen economic, tourist, and cultural activities permanently in this avenue, where activities like Bike Route Night, Traditional Mexican Night, and Sunday Bike Route among others, take place; thus multiplying the opportunities of family life and revitalizing commercial activities in the area.


He noted that improvements are part of the coordinated work with the Mexican Association of Hotels of Yucatan (Asociación Mexicana de Hoteles de Yucatán), the Tourism Business Council of Yucatan, the local branch of Chamber of Commerce, and other agencies to promote the integral and sustainable use of space, attraction of tourists, boosting investment in business and generating more jobs and better pay.


New street lights installed on Paseo de Montejo bring better illumination. (PHOTO:
New street lights installed on Paseo de Montejo bring better illumination. (PHOTO:

Montalvo Duarte said the new equipment replaces the previous cold white lamps, sodium vapor, and works by using metalic ceramic additives that have the same power and efficiency, but also provide higher lighting levels.


He added that for this reason 27 Grand Ledge lights were acquired to be placed on the central median that extends from the Base of Paseo de Montejo to the Monument to the Flag. 


He said that in the sidewalks and another part of the central median, bulbs and ballasts were changed in the Colonia Mexico and Grand Ledge luminares, making a total of 177 pieces of gear at a cost of 410 thousand pesos. The installation was carried out by three brigades who did the work within five days.




He said tha with this new technology the lighting on Paseo de Montejo is no longer white, as the one generated by sodium vapor, or yellow as with the magnetic induction, but somewhere in the middle of both colors, which gives a warm tone to the light.


He stressed that the technology of the metal ceramic additive is approved by all applicable Mexican standards.





He reported that in addition to the lighting improvements on the emblematic avenue, the works were extended to five city parks.


The five parks that offer the new service are Arboledas of Francisco de Montejo, Japanese and Gardens of New Mulsay, Las Aguilas of Chuburna and Lindavista II.


Regarding the new lighting in parks, he explained that as it was done on part of the median and sidewalks of Paseo de Montejo, ballasts and bull lamps were replaced with a new technology. He also mention that 350 thousand pesos aproximately were invested in those parks.


As for the possibility of installing new lighting in other avenues and parks of Merida, the general coordinator of Urban Operation, Cesar Bojorquez Zapata said that a proposal is being analized but will depend on the financial resources available to the City Council.