City Hall hopes major street repair project won’t disrupt downtown Merida

Major street and sidewalk repair projects in downtown Merida will begin Monday May 23. (PHOTO:

The extensive improvement works in the historic center of Merida will begin next Monday May 23 and will continue until the second week of September.

To minimize the inconvenience arising from the projects, the City has held several meetings with sectors that would be affected, to present the schedule of activities, to listen to their suggestions and if necessary make adjustments that are deemed appropriate.

And there were meetings with members of the Historical Center Board and Kanak-Servytur, in which participated the Municipal Police of Mérida and Transport Directorate of the State of Yucatan. Meetings are also scheduled with the Tourism Business Council of Yucatan and the Mexican Chamber of Hotels of Yucatan.

These measures seek to minimize the damage that these projects could cause, which, among other things, will include the correction of various failures in the works that were done in the Historic Center, themselves causing inconvenience to commercial establishments in the area and accidents to passersby.

As a first response to the requests of merchants, repair work that was scheduled for Sunday May 15, will begin on Monday May 23, after the Noche Blanca (White Night), in order not to affect the sales volume recorded in the cultural show to be held next Saturday May 21.

Major street and sidewalk repair projects in downtown Merida will begin Monday May 23. (PHOTO:
Major street and sidewalk repair projects in downtown Merida will begin Monday May 23. (PHOTO:

Timely warnings about changes in bus stops and urban service will be issued, to avoid confusion among users.

Work will begin on the sidewalks in the area of La Mejorada during the night of May 23, avoiding the total closure of the streets, so that one lane per day will work, and the other free so as to not affect the vehicle traffic.

Change of location

Another adjustment that was scheduled to start at Calle 59, at the intersection with Avenida Itzáes, but a proposal from service providers was adopted so that the downtown area is clear in August that is considered high tourist season. The work would be completed the second week of September.

The work to be carried out with an investment of eight million pesos include repairing sidewalks and paving several streets, and maintenance work on the lighting and drainage. There will also be improvements in the Eulogio Rosado and Plaza Grande parks.

The sectors consulted about the works have expressed their satisfaction about it, because the Historical Center is an area of high economic and social impact.

City Hall hopes to avoid disruption resulting from the high influx of people and vehicles while producing as little effect as possible to normal operation of the establishments settled in the Historic Center.

The views expressed at the meeting were related to the difusion of work schedules so that citizens are aware of the actions to be taken in order to avoid affecting both merchants and pedestrians.