Capture of a drug lord? No, just another Friday afternoon “review” of Mérida bars

MÉRIDA, YUCATÁN – In what appears to be becoming a disturbingly regular scene, heavily armed and masked state and federal forces and K-9 squad dogs were on the streets of Mérida again yesterday afternoon, raiding bars across the city, ostensibly looking for weapons and drugs.

In one establishment called “Gabiota” in Colonia Roma, on the west side of town, 35 clients were evicted, along with 25 employees. The bar was closed down, although no drugs or weapons were found.

The owner of the bar, who did not wish to identify himself, told SIPSE that his bar was closed down as the authorities were upset that he was not serving botanas (snacks) to his customers.

“Gabiota” bar was closed down. 35 clients were evicted, along with 25 employees. (Photo: Sipse)

A simultaneous raid was carried out at “La Jach”, located on Calle 65, near to Plaza Oriente.

Despite the high caliber weaponry on display, no arrests were made or drugs or weapons found in either establishment.


By Stewart Mandy for The Yucatan Times.

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