After violent attack on Uber drivers, Merida cabbies vow to continue “the hunt”

Attack on Uber near Merida International Airport Wednesday. (PHOTO:

The area of Merida International Airport was the scene around noon Wednesday May 25 of a violent incident, when about 500 members of the United Front of Taxi Workers (FUTV) attacked vehicles, drivers and passengers of the Uber platform. At least three people were injured in the disturbance, according to media reports.

“We do not want to see you here, and next time we’ll burn your vehicles,” they warned the Uber service providers.

Attack on Uber near Merida International Airport Wednesday. (PHOTO:
Attack on Uber near Merida International Airport Wednesday. (PHOTO:

The confrontation generated broad mobilization of the Federal Police and the Public Security Secretariat (SSP).

The operation “hunting” as the cabbies called it, was led by the Secretary General of FUTV, Hector “Billy” Fernández Zapata, who issued a threat:

“We have been tolerant, but because we are being affected we will not continue  allowing this,” Fernandez said.

He also indicated that, if necessary, cabbies will go every day to the airport to stop private cars using the Uber platform.

The protesters anticipate that every day there will be taxi drivers on call, both at the airport and bus terminals, to identify and stop the Uber drivers.

Five Uber drivers affected by the incident have filed complaints.

Social networking internet sites and some media circulated the rumor that Uber would stop providing services after the Merida attacks Wednesday. But Uber said it will continue its service.





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