Zoomania Vet Center: A family that cares for your pet

A new store with the services your pet needs (Photo: Fabiola Villaseñor)

Why Zoomania?

Zoomania is a veterinarian company with more than 20 years of experience in Merida, Yucatan.

They have first-class facilities and equipment, and their medical and grooming staff are at the forefront and in constant training.

All the products and services your pet needs are in one place:

Veterinary Hospital 24 hours always available for any kind of emergency with medical professionals and the best laboratory equipment, ultrasound and Digital X-ray.

Veterinary Clinic: Facilities with high standards of cleanliness and equipment for diagnosis and veterinary medical specialists in each branch.

Veterinary Pharmacy: Zoomania offers the widest assortment of medications so you always find what you need to keep your pet healthy.

Pet Supplies, Pet Food, and Pet Products (Photo: Fabiola Villaseñor)
Pet Supplies, Pet Food, and Pet Products (Photo: Fabiola Villaseñor)

Pet grooming services: Facilities with air conditioning and warm water, bathing service with shampoo 4 in 1 and anti-tick treatment (on request), drying, cutting, decorative collar, nail filing, draining of anal glands, ear cleaning and  free transportation to nearby areas included.

Accessories: Wide range of accessories to meet the needs of your pet in terms of hygiene, entertainment and health. As brushes, combs, bones, drinking fountains and feeders, collars, leashes, cat litter, carpets coaches, cages, carriers, balls, toys and more.

Super Premium and Holistic Food: They carry the best brands and assortment of foods to provide your pet quality nutrition. brands such as Royal Canin, Pro Plan, Hills, Praire, Cesar Millan, Natural Gourmet, Diamond, Eukanuba, Taste of the Wild, Blue (The Blue Buffalo Co.), TIER, Virbac, Mira, Excellent, Iron Dog.

Hygienic care for your pet (Photo: Fabiola Villaseñor)
Hygienic care for your pet (Photo: Fabiola Villaseñor)

Pension or stay: Air-Conditioned, spacious rooms with 24 hour medical supervision, food (except prescription) and bathing service included.

Digital X-Ray: State-of-the-art equipment featuring high definition imaging for a more accurate diagnosis. Digital X-Ray technology contributes to care for the environment by not using chemicals to reveal radiographic plates.

Ultrasound: High quality equipment that helps their medical staff get faster and more accurate diagnoses.

Zoomania staff

Laboratory: Hi-Tech equipment for diagnostics by blood, urine or feces tests.

Home Pick up and Delivery Service (except consultations): Home delivery of any product, and pet transportation in comfortable and safe vehicles with air conditioning. Zoomania’s staff is trained for appropriately handling your pet.

Online sales: on their online store you can buy any accesories, food or medications, and all the products are safely delivered to your home.

Digital X Ray equipment
Digital X Ray equipment

4 excellent strategic locations:

If you come from Progreso, Zoomania’s nearest branch would be Fraccionamiento Las Americas.  Santa Cruz Plaza Local 7 and 8 C. 74 No. 249 59 Fracc. Las Americas PH. (999) 406-55-09.

If you live in Centro or North Merida, your best option is Zoomania’s Calle 60 Norte branch (across the street from the Ex Costco).                                                    60th Street north on 21 and 23-A Col. Chuburna de Hidalgo PH. (999) 972-42-97.

If you live in Celestun or Sisal, you may visit their branch in Ciudad Caucel.             Av. Caucel Av. 23 Plaza Boulevard Local 7 and 8 Caucel City, PH. (999) 945-34-39.

If you are in the northeast of Merida, go to Zoomania’s headquarters located in Col. Diaz Ordaz, (in front the Church of St. Jude Thaddeus) where they have a Hospital working 24/7.
Diaz Ordaz, Av. Correa Racho No. 456 for 5 Col. Diaz Ordaz PH. (999) 943-01-29.


Zoomania accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express. (Delivery service, only cash, Visa or Mastercard).

Emergency 24 hrs. (999) 196-10-96.
Website: www.zoomania.com.mx
Follow their specials on Facebook: Veterinary Center Zoomania

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