Thieves steal cash and tools in Merida hardware store robbery

Tools and more than five thousand pesos in cash (USD$280) were stolen from a hardware store (ferrotlapalería) in downtown Mérida,  in a robbery that occurred in the early morning hours of Tuesday April 12th. There are no witnesses of the crime.

The theft was discovered around eight in the morning when employees came to work and saw that the locks were broken, and the metal door was ajar, so they immediately called the state police.

It is presumed that covered by the darkness of night, thieves came to the establishment, and cut the locks of the gate to enter.

Once inside the store, the criminals took five thousand pesos in cash, which was the afternoon shift total sales, and they also seized tools.

Thieves brake into hardware store in the middle of the night (Photo: SIPSE)

The heist was discovered by J. A. S., who opened the store at 08:00 am, and who found the broken locks and a mess inside the office.

The first to arrive were agents of the SSP (state police), who who were notified of the incident. Then came agents from the Department of Public Prosecutions, Ministerial Police and Forensic Services to gather evidence on site that could lead to aprehension of the criminals.





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