Technology, culture and clean energy are the main axes of the Mexico – Germany Dual Year

The political and cultural activities of the Mexico – Germany Dual Year  will officially start this coming Summer.

The embassy of Germany in Mexico, led by Viktor Elbling, declared that “there are great expectations regarding 2016 and its many cultural, technological and environmental events”.

According to an official statement, President Enrique Peña Nieto will make a state visit to Germany in the spring, in which several initiatives and projects are expected to materialize. Meanwhile, a visit to Mexico by the German Federal Minister for Education and Research, Dr. Johana Wanka is also expected.

Original Image: “Bandera Alemana”, by Teo Ruiz, used under CC BY SA 2.0 license, via Flickr
Under the motto “A Partnership for the Future”, different types of events with a cultural significance will be held. Although no official date has been revealed, it is expected that the exhibition “Maya: Revelation of an Endless Time”, moves from Liverpool to Berlin in 2016.

“Already set for this year is a group exhibition of sound art at Laboratorio Arte Alameda (LAA) by four Mexican artists and one German; along with the participation of the curator Saifer Berlin Carstensa showcasing a general sample of the Dual Year”, said the general director of the LAA, Tania Aedo.

In the technology field, the Mexican doctor, Raul Rojas will work during 2016 in the creation of a smart home to be installed in Mexico, which will have the latest technology developed in Germany, and will have “a facility for recovering the energy from the sun and combine it with a heat pump for heating; in addition everything will be controlled entirely by computer”.

It also expected that various economic sectors may benefit from increased German investment in the country; example of this will be the hydrocarbon industry and renewable energy.