State inspectors seize Uber driver’s car in Merida; video goes viral

Urban Transport inspectors (Photo:

A video going viral on the Internet features inspectors of the Yucatan Department of Urban Transportation arresting Uber drivers and taking away their vehicles.

On Thursday April 7th, around 9:30 am, near the Kukulcan Stadium in south Mérida, an Uber driver was stopped and her car was seized by four individuals who identified themselves as Urban Transportation Department inspectors.

The incident was recorded on video by one of the passengers, who questioned the officials about the reason for the retention of the car, but the public workers did not provide an answer and never identified themselves by name.

The video shows one of the inspectors issuing a ticket and the driver reading the document.

Given the fact, the driver was contacted Uber staff, stating that company lawyers would take care of the problem.

The car was taken to the impound and the legal status of this Uber unit owner is still to be determined.

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