Sisal welcomes all guests with its story book pier and secluded beaches. A second home destination, Sisal is a growing leisure tourism spot for activities such as biking, kayaking, flamingo tours, bird watching and more.

With a new bed and breakfast, Las Hamacas, and beachfront restaurant and bar, Mon’s Place, there is a a growing expat community both visiting and buying.

Sisal is also the source for seashell jewelry and gifts, unique memories of the sea. This fishing village and quaint beach town will thrive with second home tourism, and allow room for hospitality business growth such as gourmet restaurants, coffee shops or cafes.

Once the principal port for the Yucatan, Sisal now embraces the role of a small Mexican seaside town of protected flamingo sanctuaries, pristine coastline, and a charming colorful mainstreet.

Located only 32 miles northwest from the state capital Merida, Sisal is at the cusp of a new beginning. New roads, new construction and freshly painted buildings are a result of government money being poured into the area, typically a sign of future growth.

From this unpsoiled Mexico beach, pier, or perhaps your balcony, your eyes will see flamingos float effortlessly through the air, locals fishing in small vessels, and hues emerald, turquoise, and deep blue water gently lapping onto the shoreline.

The charm of this seaside village will bring a smile to your heart. When traveling to Merida, visit Sisal for a quiet, secluded beach day adventure and experience the magnificence of its nature.

The quaint town of Sisal offers an exclusive beach to those who visit. The charming pier is lined with kissing chairs and light poles overlooking emerald green reflections of the sea, reminding visitors of simpler times. Flamingos fly over head and small fishing boats may cross the horizon as you spend time soaking up the Sisal sun.

A place where time stands still and miles of unspoiled beach allow you to escape any sense of crowds. Sisal is perfect for the travler seeking quiet off the beaten path destinations that capture the soul.

Originally under the influence of Spain, Sisal, Mexico, was granted a port on February 13, 1810 by the Spanish Goverment. Gaining independence in 1811, Sisal became a key influence in Yucatan history, operating as the principal port for the state capital, Merida. Located only 32 miles from the city, Sisal was a natural and convenient choice for proximity to the sea and trade route access.

Thriving during the henequen (sisal) boom, the seaport town of Sisal welcomed Europeans and Americans by introducing them to unspoiled land and awe-inspiring ruins of the Maya Empire. The Maya are credited for their discovery and cultivation of this natural fiber, originally found in the eastern part of the Yucatan peninsula.

Used for ropes, cables, nets , lassos, curtains, hammock and dense fabrics, sisal was exported as the world’s binder twine, putting this quaint seaside village on the map. Maya history shows seafaring through the port of Sisal as early as 1100, making this area rich in history.

The Yucatan was heralded “one of the few truly socialistic states in the world” in the 1930’s. “This unity of business and political power makes the state one of the strongest in the Mexican union. It is important economically to the rest of Mexico. Its efficient organization makes it one of the first contributors to the national budget.” Sisal, Mexico was the gateway to the world for Merida and the Yucatan.

Henequen production in the Yucatan peaked in the 1930’s at 160,000 tons. Today less than 5,000 tons are produced, all of which are converted into local products.

With the decline of henequen exportation, Sisal morphed into a small fishing village, where shrimp farms flourished for many years. Today, miles of unspoiled beaches line the coast with picture perfect palm trees swaying in the breeze. The state government has been improving the town with fresh paint on buildings, new roads connecting Sisal to Merida, and restoration of the historical town center.

Progreso has replaced Sisal as Merida’s main port, moving the noise and cruise ships down the eastern coast of the Yucatan. The charm of Sisal remains. The historical society and the government are protecting the roots of this village. With the continued maintenance and dedication to the area, this seaport town is once again becoming a gateway for many. With new developments along the ocean shores, Sisal is now an oasis for the lucky few who have discovered it.

In the heart of the Mayan Civilization, the charming village of Sisal is filled with culture, heritage, and tranquility. A place tag-lined, “Where the impossible becomes possible,” has been through war, pirates, travel journals, and as of late word of mouth for its beauty and uniqueness.

Discover seven traits that lead the charge to finding yourself lost in the simplicity of this Mexican beach town.

1. The beach of Sisal is where you may view both a sunrise and sunset, making it a coveted beach for romantics, writers, beach lovers, and more.

2. Sisal was the main port of the Yucatan until 1870, when President Benito Juarez ordered the main port to move to Progreso, keeping the integrity of its rooted history.

3. Henequen adopted its name from this global port. The fiber containers were stamped with “Product of Sisal”, resulting in world trade ports to nickname the fiber ‘sisal’.

4. The quaint fishing village has never grown to more than 1,500 in population, making it a perfect hideaway.

5. The first road from Sisal to Merida was constructed in 1592 under direction of Yucatan Mayor Don Diego de Quijada. The construction cost approximately 8,000 pesos, which was to be paid off in yearly installments of 500 pesos. Today plans for future road investments are being discussed to cut travel time to approximately 30 minutes to Merida.

6. The coral reef located approximately a mile off Sisal shores is a secret to the world’s most experienced divers, making this ocean playground an untapped attraction.

7. The beach is one of the most serene, peaceful, and healthy beaches of the Yucatan. With vegetation and nearly empty beachfront, it is one of the rarest beach destinations in the region.



Petén is the first seaside community on the Yucatán coastline, with more than 250 acres controlled by a single developer with a focused vision, evident in the design, quality, and consistency of 6 neighborhoods.

The community will be developed with luxury condominiums and exclusive single family homes. Surrounded by protected land and a flamingo reserve, the natural environment of Petén invites connection to nature and the soothing waves of the sea. Lush palm trees and foliage, combined with numerous lakes and the mesmerizing view of the Gulf of Mexico, make this community of absolute security inviting and refreshing.

Offering a town center, beach club, concierge services, and a gated community, the residential development of the Petén community is integrity at its best.

The Petén – island in Mayan – was a sacred place for the ancient Mayas as it was the birth and nursing place for many species, seabirds and fish, that later on migrated to the ocean to mature… so every Petén actually is a spring of life, primeval and unique.

Our Péten is a community of possibilities, where renewing, rediscovering, rekindling, reminiscing, or restarting blend naturally.

Petén is located in the small fishing village of Sisal, Yucatán, Mexico. Yucatan is the safest and most celebrated state in Mexico, known for its arts, culture, cuisine, and pristine beaches.

The capital city is called Merida; less than an hour from Sisal. Merida currently has 1 million citizens; founded in 1542, Merida is known as the “White City” due to its tranquility, cleanliness and holds nationwide recognition as the safest city in Mexico. The city boasts excellent schools, universities, numerous world-class medical centers and a major International Airport serving direct flights to Houston, Dallas, Miami, Toronto, Milan, Mexico City and more than five destinations within Mexico.

With the medical, cosmopolitan and cultural capital city of Merida at an arm’s reach – yet a world away – the private seaside communities of Petén offer owners the very best of both worlds. Come and enjoy a quiet and safe seaside lifestyle without sacrifices. Come and discover Sisal.

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Chalana Experience in the Peten
Journey through the Ciénega and observe Peten´s natural wonders. Birds, jungle, water colors, aquiphers and more will amaze you as your guide navigates your chalana(boat) with a natural bamboo oar through Sisal´s Ciénega into the Peten´s cenote. With picture perfect moments unlike anything you have experienced, your personalized jungle safari awaits.

Sisal Beach House Rejuvenation
Relax seaside at Mon’s Place, where food, drink, and the beach await you and your guests. Enjoy a quiet day soaking in the sun, refreshing in the pool, enjoying a siesta in a hammock, or splashing in the saltwater. Palm trees and the sound of waves kissing the sand adorn this private atmosphere, where a house cocktail will meet you on your arrival. Your exclusive beach house in Sisal is complete with rooms to refresh, a chef, a bartender, a waiter, and a host. This is your day to do as you wish and enjoy Chef Mon’s locally crafted menu. Ask your host about additional beach activities during your stay, including a massage, manicure, pedicure, or excursion.

Chef Selections: Yucatán Cooking Experience with Chef Mon
Enjoy an afternoon of cooking and conversation with Chef Mon of Mon’s Place. Learn about local ingredients and how to create the compliment of spice and flavor to any dish. Together with our professionally trained Chef you will prepare an appetizer and main course, all while learning expert techniques along the way. This experience will give you flavors from Spain, Mexico, and the roots of the Yucatán. Everything is provided for this one-of-a-kind experience, including the food and cooking utensils. Combine laughter and all the ingredients for a perfect fun and interactive afternoon.

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