Foreign tourists tend to stay longer than domestic in Yucatan. (PHOTO:

Until two years ago, overnight visitors in Yucatan would stay approximately 1.8 days; however, from 2015 to the current date, it increased to 2 days, resulting in economic benefit to hotels, restaurants and handicraft merchants.

According to records from the Tourism Networks in Mexico, visitors staying in the state increased, mainly in Merida as a result of the various activities offered every day and in different parts of the city.

The results reflect Yucatan’s promotion strategies that are handled nationally, particularly in those states where there are direct flight connections.

Enrique Dominguez Leon, Merida’s deputy director of tourism, said the city is one of the few in the country where many cultural activities are offered free of charge.

Through a study, it has been possible to identify that foreign tourists, especially from Europe, stay longer in the state, while domestic visitors stay between six and seven nights.

The difference is that sometimes Mexican visitors stay only in Merida, while those from other countries take time to get to know other municipalities in the state.

Foreign tourists tend to stay longer than domestic in Yucatan. (PHOTO:
Foreign tourists tend to stay longer than domestic in Yucatan. (PHOTO:

In the case of Mexicans, most travel as a couple, the main visitor sector, while second are those who travel with family, thirdly those who do so with friends and fourthly, alone.

International visitors tend to travel alone first, secondly as a couple, then with families and lastly with friends.

Regarding spending, those from Mexican states spend about nine thousand pesos during their stay, and foreigners about five thousand dollars.

Foreigners indicated that their visit to the State is to have closer ties with the Maya culture, and because they consider the Yucatecan territory as a cultural center.

In the case of domestic tourists, most learned of the activities in the destination through information that was provided by family and friends.

Foreign visitors learned about Yucatan by magazines, internet and promotions through travel agencies.