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New app connects you with “dog friendly” establishments in Mexico

by Yucatan Times
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Dogsos is an app that promotes the “dog friendly” concept, in which veterinaries, schools, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars that operate under this concept will be consolidated under one website.

Many people in Mexico have pets, and it is not always easy to travel or simply go out to work leaving them alone for long periods of time; on the other hand, many pets require special care due to age or illness.

This new app is intended to connect you to the most up-to-date dog-friendly establishments whether you’re in town or on the go.

Right at your fingertips is a comprehensive guide to dog-friendly hotels, restaurants, parks, cafes, veterinary clinics, animal shelters and other businesses that will help you when you’re out and about with your dog. Which airlines will let you fly with pets? Where are big dogs welcomed? Now that you’ve discovered dogsos, you never have to worry about finding a pet-friendly place!


Original Image: Still taken from Dogsos official website

There are many places in Mexico that allow access to pets, but until now, nobody had taken the time and effort to unite them under one website, and thanks to this innovative application, it will be easier for pet owners to locate the right place to leave their loved one while on a trip, or to spend some quality time with “man’s best friend”.

The group of entrepreneurs that created Dogsos, are aiming to improve the dog-human bond, but also to come up with solutions to the great overcrowding problem that exists in our country.

This app was developed as a solution to the huge problem of stray dogs and cats in Mexico, because according to dogsos.mx, only 30% of the 20 million dogs that currently live in Mexico have a home (we are talking about 14 million stray dogs , and the rest are in the street or waiting to be adopted, and this is the result of the lack of pro animal culture in the country.

That’s why they created this free app, which provides the location of the dog friendly establishments, and also aims to facilitate the adoption and processes that this entails; it primarily seeks to improve the quality of life of dogs and their environment through technology.



(Photo: dogsos.mx)

Dogsos has two interfaces, one that is designed to support those who rescue dogs and search for their permanent homes, such as shelters, civil associations and independent rescuers; the user will register the rescued dogs and publish photos and essential information, features and characteristics to facilitate their adoption.

The other interface is for users, where they can look for a dog, plus it lets you have a vaccination card, and allows you to locate all kinds of shops specialized in dogs, such as veterinaries, schools, daycare centers, and hotels, among many other things.

Even though the app currently works only in Mexico City and the State of Mexico, The Yucatan Times has contacted Dogsos to let them know that there is a large dog loving community in Merida and since the project is intended to encompass other major cities in the country in the near future, Dogsos will find fertile ground in the White City.

To learn more about this initiative visit their website.


Source: http://www.mexiconewsnetwork.com/

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