City of Merida will offer residents 500 trees for free “adoption” on April 17

500 trees will be offered for "adoption" in Merida's Plaza Grande on Sunday April 17. (PHOTO:

The program “Every tree, a commitment,” led by the the city of Merida’s Department of Environmental Preservation and Conservation, promotes citizens planting trees in their homes or around sidewalks with the consequent benefits that this offers.

In fact, on Sunday April 17 in the Plaza Grande, 500 trees will be offered for adoption by citizens, adding to the approximately 80 that are delivered every 15 days, as part of Citizen Wednesday. Most trees that are delivered will have roots that go down deeply, so they do not cause damage to the escarpments.

Staff of the environmental preservation office, under the direction of the architect Leticia Roche Cano, offered information about the trees that will be offered on Wednesday, including the so-called “Maculis” or “jacaranda”, “xcanlol” and “balché,” all suitable for planting in Merida’s environment.

500 trees will be offered for "adoption" in Merida's Plaza Grande on Sunday April 17. (PHOTO:
500 trees will be offered for “adoption” in Merida’s Plaza Grande on Sunday April 17. (PHOTO:

People who came to ask for information were told that to just fill out an application that was given to them for free, so that most left with one of the applications, and even with two. All are asked for their address so that in such case, municipal employees make contact.

Maria Victoria Leon Diaz, a resident of the Colonia Emiliano Zapata East, aksed for a “jacaranda” to plant in her yard, where she also has other plants such as basil, oregano and epazote.

Another housewife, Evelín Vadillo, obtained two plants, one of “balché” and a “xcanlol” which she placed in her yard in Kanasín to provide shade

“There is nothing better than a tree in the yard, because you get a cooling effect,” added Mrs. Evelin, who with one hand hugged her daughter and with the other held her plants.

The plants come from local nurseries, located in the west and east of the city. Last year about 5,000 trees were delivered.