Artist Daniel Lezama shows new works at his current Merida exhibition

Daniel Lezama, a Mexican painter born in 1968, currently has an exhibition at the Fundación de Artistas in Merida. The show will be on display until July 2.

Lezama, who was born in Mexico City and grew up also in Texas and Paris, is a painter whose work is characterized by an academic style defined as “naturalist”, in which symbols and images allegorically rework nationalistic Mexican themes. His paintings reflect influences of Mexican artists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries as well as others with strong narrative scope such as Rubens and Goya, and in handling of light such as Caravaggio.

His father was a painter and he grew up surrounded by visual culture, and then ventured into different artistic practices such as comics and literature, finally deciding to become an artist.

He studied Fine Arts at the National School of Plastic Arts of the UNAM and currently resides in Mexico City.

Fundación de Artistas, Calle 55 #520, Centro, between 62 and 64

T: +52 1 999 923 5905

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