20,000 cruise passengers hit Cozumel on a single day

COZUMEL, Q.Roo — On a single day last week, Cozumel marked a major tourism milestone as more than 20,000 visitors hit the island when six major cruise ships docked within hours of each other.

On Thursday April 14, six large cruise ships landed at Cozumel all on the same day, dispersing more than 20,000 foreign visitors upon the island, filling shopping centers, restaurants and beaches while exhausting public transportation.

The first to arrive was Royal Caribbean’s Vision of the Seas carrying nearly 3,000 people before Oasis of the Seas arrived 30 minutes later with over 5,000 additional visitors. Other ships including Carnival Glory,Carnival Magic, Carnival Conquest and Norwegian all headed to their docking points while cruise ship passengers poured off boats and onto the streets of Isla Cozumel.

Cruise passengers disembark at Cozumel. (PHOTO: wolfscompany.com)
Cruise passengers disembark at Cozumel. (PHOTO: wolfscompany.com)


Cruise ships began arriving at 6:00 a.m. with the last ship docking at 10:00 p.m.

In total, just over 20,000 tourists took in the shops, activities, culture, beauty and food unique to Mexico’s famous island. At day’s end, local island merchants said visitors bought items such as jewelry, perfume, tequila, clothing and shoes as well as handicrafts.

Source: riviera-maya-news.com