Zoomania Veterinary Center offers entire spectrum of pet care

Zoomania Veterinary Center welcomes the foreign community that has made our beautiful state of Yucatan their new home.

Zoomania knows most Expats are pet lovers, that they enjoy the weather, the peace and they appreciate simple things such as a relaxing walk on the beach with their dog.

But let’s not forget that we are in a tropical climate, and pets are at risk of contracting diseases transmitted by vectors such as mosquitoes, fleas, flies, mites and ticks, because our environment has ideal characteristics (heat, humidity) for the proliferation of these “bad bugs”.

Zoomania Veterinary Center offers veterinary hospital service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The facility is located in Colonia Diaz Ordaz, in front of the Church of St. Jude Thaddeus (Iglesia de San Judas Tadeo).

Facility is located in Colonia Diaz Ordaz

You can schedule an appointment at phone 999 196.10.96;  and one of their veterinarians will answer all your questions regarding the prevention of vectors such as heartworm, canine ehrlichiosis, scabies transmitted diseases, etc.

If you are not very proficient in Spanish, do not worry, Zoomania Veterinary Center hospital has a translator.

Zoomania Veterinary Hospital features 3 offices with air conditioning, a large waiting room with cable TV and air conditioning, and most importantly, they have the technology to support the diagnosis of their veterinarians.

Below is a brief description of their medical facilities:

Blood count equipment (red cells, white cells, platelets, etc.). Test results in 5 minutes.

Automated blood chemistry equipment to measure glucose, cholesterol, triglycerides, urea, creatinine, etc., delivering analysis results in just a few hours.

Their microscope is linked to a computer for the veterinarian to explain in detail the image of the sample under study.

Equipment for urinalysis, blood group typing, blood electrolytes and “snap” tests, to confirm the doctor’s diagnosis in diseases such as distemper, parvovirus, heartworm, etc.

With a patient

Their most recent acquisition is the Digital X-Ray equipment that features electromagnetic, invisible X Rays, able to pass through opaque bodies and printing photographic film without the dangers of radiation.  This also translates into less stress for your pet because Zoomania’s specialists do not use liquids that damage the environment, and the X-Ray equipment allows them to see details in the X-rays image that are much more difficult to see in a conventional plate.

Digital X Ray equipment
Digital X Ray equipment

They have special ultrasound equipment and software for dogs and cats with which they can determine gestational age, and observe images of organs like uterus, kidney, liver, etc. It helps a lot with traumatized pets, in order to determine if organs such as the bladder are not damaged and to detect conditions like urine in the abdomen, etc.

Ultrasound equipment
Ultrasound equipment

The operating room is the sanctuary of every surgeon. At Zoomania Veterinary Hospital they perform surgeries such as sterilization of males and females, orthopedics, removal of tumors, etc., always under high standards of sanitation.

They feature a preparation area where the pet is properly prepared for surgery (sedation, cleaning, applying of serum analgesics, etc.).

Once in the operating room, the patient is intubated to their inhalational machine, given anesthesia with oxygen and connected to a monitor that allows the surgeon to be aware of temperature, oxygenation, heart rate and breathing. All this translates into a faster and safer awakening for the patient.

Operating Room
Operating Room

Finally, Zoomania provides all services related to the care of dogs and cats, either health or other type of services such as grooming, Premium foods, accessories and medicines.

They have home delivery and accept credit and debit cards.

Enjoy the Yucatan with the reassurance that the health and needs of your pets are in the expert hands of Zoomania Veterinary Center.



Information provided by Zoomania

  • Calle 60 Norte (between 21 and 23)
  • Col. Chuburná de Hidalgo
  • Ph.- 981 4297 / 981 0739


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