As a way of coping with the environmental challenges within the aviation industry, the companies Boeing, Aeroméxico, Airports and Auxiliary Services (ASA) have joined forces to work on the research and development of sustainable aviation biofuel. Support is coming from Mexico’s Sector Fund for Energy Sustainability (SENER-CONACYT) and the Potosinian Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IPICYT).

Biofuel has been an interesting and very topical issue in the past few years. All these talks have led to the creation of initiatives that focus efforts on its development, because it’s well known that the use of fuel in aviation greatly contributes to environmental pollution.

For this reason Boeing has expanded its commitment to advance its research and development on biofuels to Mexico, where the support of government institutions and private investment will follow on a line of investigation and development of biojet in favor of the aviation sector in Mexico.

USA and Mexico to develop clean, sustainable aviation biofuel (Photo: TYT)

During the formalization ceremony of this initiative, Marc Allen, the president of Boeing International, stated, “To support customers and the aviation industry’s long-term growth, Boeing is proud to partner with Aeroméxico and many key stakeholders to move Mexico’s sustainable aviation biofuel industry forward,” according to an article from Sustainable Brands.

Additionally, Allen said, “Sustainable jet fuel will play a critical role in reducing aviation’s carbon emissions and will bring a new and innovative industry to Mexico.”

Joining the initiative are also 15 Mexican institutions such as: Pemex, QENER and Tratamientos Reciclados del Sureste; besides nine research centers, the Mexican Petroleum Institute, the US Joint BioEnergy Institute, and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology.


Source: Mexico News Network