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Top 6 Mexican soups to warm up body & soul

by Yucatan Times
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A steamy bowl of soup can warm the stomach and also the soul, and did you know that soups, creams and broths are very popular among Mexican kitchens?

These are as varied as the people cooking them, but there are some that are prepared in many states of the country, are part of daily meals and are a must in every table.

Here is the top 6 favorite Mexican soups:


1.- Sopa de lima or lime soup, is an exquisite broth unlike any other. The soup has Mayan roots (the Yucatan Peninsula was part of their empire) and to this day it is among the region’s most famous and delicious dishes.

When you first look at a bowl of sopa de lima you don’t think too much of it. But it is that first sip that will coat your mouth and tastebuds with a depth of flavour and a unique underlining scent and tast

caldo tlalpeño

2.- Caldo Tlalpeño (Tlalpeño broth)

This is more than just a soup, caldo Tlalpeño is a hearty preparation that consists of a rich chicken broth with chipotle. The soup also has chickpeas, carrots, peas, potatoes and shredded chicken… topped off with cheese and avocado, practically a full meal in one bowl.

mole de olla

3.- Mole de olla (pot mole)

Not to be confused with mole sauce, the red-black thick sauce popular from Oaxaca and Puebla; mole de olla is a dish that has the warmth of broth, proteins and vegetables… and spice from the chilies. This soup or broth is prepared with beef (shank, tri-tip, marrow), vegetables such as: green beans, corn, onion and zucchini; finally chili ancho and pasilla.

Deliciosa crema de frijol y anis

4.- Crema de Frijol (bean cream)

Rich and delicious bean cream, this is basically a preparation of beans (black or pinto, depending where it is prepared), chicken broth, cream and any type of crispy topping… fried or toasted tortilla strips or croutons; and of course some cheese cubes. Some people add chipotle into the mix to give it a little extra spiciness.

Sopa de lentejas y chorizo

5.- Sopa de lentejas (lentil soup)

This might sound pretty common, but lentil soup in Mexico is prepared in its own special way. Lentil soup is cooked similar to frijoles charros (charros beans). The lentils are cooked with chorizo, bacon, pork chop, carrots, onion, cilantro, parsley, thyme and cumin. This soup has a very unique taste and is perfect to warm the stomach.

Creamy Avocado Soup

6.-Crema fría de aguacate (cold avocado cream)

As simple as it sounds, the silkiness of the avocados is mixed with the richness of cream, some chicken broth to thin out the preparation and depending on the chef’s preference, to add some heat, a touch of serrano chili. To finish the whole thing some croutons or large bread slices to dip into the soup.

Mexico is a country where the soups are taken super seriously, are part of almost every meals, and as seen on this list, some of them count as full meals, which is very practical, and who doesn’t like practical meals these days? Give these Mexican soups a try, and warm your heart with true flavors of Mexico.

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