The Yucatan Times is proud to have Stewart Mandy: A Top Travel Examiner

Stewart Mandy at Xcambo Yucatán (Photo: Stewart Mandy)
Stewart Mandy was born in Europe, raised in the Middle East, and he has been a long-time resident in the Americas, including the last 5 years in Merida, Yucatan. He has worked worldwide in the travel, tourism and transportation industries for well over 20 years. He is also a reporter and columnist for, The Yucatan Times and other print and online media.It is worth mentioning that is a news network that serves more than 20 million monthly readers across the U.S. and around the world; but the special thing about is the fact that it is fully powered by Examiners, thousands of writers who are self-motivated independent contributors. Each Examiner is able to express through words and photos a deep expertise in a topic. Their knowledge is enhanced by a viewpoint unique to their experiences and oftentimes, their location.It was the month of October 2013, and only one month after the start of TYT’s “new era”, when Stewart came into our office on Paseo de Montejo, introduced himself and expressed his desire to be a volunteer writer for our publication. I remember perfectly well his first collaboration, it was titled “The Traveler’s Life” (An Irishman in Mexico). When I read it, I said to myself, “this guy sure can write”…
Stewart Mandy at Xcambo Yucatán (Photo: Stewart Mandy)
Stewart Mandy in Xcambo Yucatán (Photo: Stewart Mandy)

After that, Stewart started contributing with outstanding editorial pieces every two weeks or so. Among his more than 90 articles published on TYT, some of the most popular are: The Day the Carnival Died?, The Ultimate Cantina Guide to Merida, A Long Weekend in Rio Lagartos and CFE a World Class Mess (just to name a few). (LINKS TO ARTICLES)

He’s not afraid to give his opinion either, as he has shown in articles such as: Journalism a Dangerous Trade; Expats, Immigrants, or Neither?; Owning in a Fraccionamiento; and his opinion about the capture of El Chapo.

Stewart’s local contacts and global knowledge provide him with unmatched access to the stories ‘behind the stories’ and he likes to take you to the places that others don’t or won’t go. From the Arctic Circle to Tierra del Fuego, from Moscow to Melbourne, from Bergen to Buenos Aires, Stewart has been there. Chances are, wherever you are heading, he knows the score.

And today TYT feels satisfaction about having an author such as Mr. Mandy on its list of columnists, not only because his articles have generated thousands of clicks on our online newspaper, but because this week he was positioned as the number one Examiner among the Top International Travel Examiners and thereby, we want to congratulate him and let him know how proud we are to have such a talented writer in our list of contributors.



Thank you Stewart, congratulations and keep up the outstanding work my friend.

Alejandro Azcárate
Content Manager
The Yucatan Times