Some people have survived cancer not just once but TWICE

A story on survival and strength. See how this heroic two-time is giving back.

With a passion, a purpose, and a personal connection to the cause, Saint Vintage Founder and two-time cancer survivor Paige Jansen-Nichols is giving back.

Diagnosed with two forms of cancer in 2007 and given a 20% chance of survival, Jansen-Nichols decided to make a difference by donating a portion of the proceeds from her vintage-inspired jewelry to Stand Up to Cancer. Her support thus far has generated over $100,000 toward SU2C’s mission of accelerated research and treatments that reach patients faster.

When Paige was first diagnosed, she admits to feeling completely shocked. Six months prior to her diagnosis she had visited the doctor for what she described as a very painful cough, and she was prescribed medicine for bronchitis.

Though somewhat confused, she took the medication and re-entered her daily life. It wasn’t until she had trouble eating after returning from a ski trip that she knew there was a more serious issue, but she still explained it away with various excuses, such as stress or perhaps her gallbladder. When she returned to the hospital and they ran additional tests, they discovered a mass in both her kidney and her colon, and Paige immediately began treatment.

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A story on survival and strength (Photo:

It was during one of her first chemotherapy treatments that Paige felt moved by a younger patient in pain, and she thought, “How unfair. There has to be something that can be done so that someone at such a young age does not have to suffer.” Her empathy led to an epiphany, and she immediately focused more on the struggle of others than her own.

Her newfound empowerment inspired her to parlay her passion for jewelry into an effective way to give back, and the process of creating each piece also served as a welcome pastime during recovery. She now advises other patients to find their own personal passion project, insisting that distraction can aid recovery. The antique feel of each custom-curated piece is meant to “preserve our past and cure our future,” says Paige.

Paige teamed up with Stand Up To Cancer in her effort to “leave a lasting impact in her lifetime that people would remember.”

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SU2C co-founder Katie Couric is incredibly grateful for all Paige has done for Stand Up To Cancer. “Paige’s journey is one of many stories of survival and strength. It’s so inspiring to see her channel her own struggle with cancer into a creative talent to help others,” Couric says.

Paige hopes her journey sends a message to other survivors that it’s important to live in the moment, channel your strength, and stay positive.

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