PROFECO shuts down “Baja Cantina” restaurant in Los Cabos due to discrimination

On Thursday March 24th, in the municipality of Los Cabos, Baja California Sur, the Federal Consumer Protection Agency (Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor: PROFECO), closed down the restaurant “Baja Cantina” for displaying a “We reserve the right of admission” sign.

According to PROFECO’s Attorney General Ernesto Nemer, activities at restaurant Baja Cantina were suspended due to discriminatory practices against local consumers. This establishment is located right in the heart of Los Cabos hotel zone.

Along with the sign on the wall, “Baja Cantina” also displayed a legend on its menu informing the public that they “reserve the right of admission to the restaurant“, and therefore, PROFECO officials proceeded to shut down the business and place the “suspended” stamps on its doors.

Baja Cantina Restaurante (Photo:

Attorney Nemer urged all service providers in Los Cabos to “eliminate irregularities”, and avoid discriminatory practices against Mexican nationals.

During an inspection through the most exclusive part of Los Cabos hotel zone, the prosecutor’s office authorities placed the “suspended” stamps on a hotel entrance, because they were not publicly displaying local currency rates, exchange rates or accomodations price list.