“Kots Kaal Pato” ritual of animal murdering is finally banned

Waiting in line (Photo: Hugo Borges)

Almost one year after the online magazine Vice published an article about an unknown tradition practiced in a small town in Yucatan: “Kots Kaal Pato”, this barbaric practice has been finally prohibited by the local and state authorities.

This ritual that takes place in the town of Citilcum involved filling up piñatas with small animals, like iguanas, birds, kittens and possums, and beating them to dead (TClick on the following link to read more about this ritual http://www.theyucatantimes.com/2015/05/barbaric-ritual-in-citilcum-yucatan/).

Needless to say that this provoked the anger of many people, and the article reached international levels.

Local animal shelters and pro animal defense groups took notice immediately and began to collect signatures through the Change.org website in order to ban this barbaric tradition. The online petition reached more than 750,000 signatures from around the world and even Mexican celebrities, like Eugenio Derbez and Sasha Sokol, helped gathered signatures through twitter. However, the government kept silent and it seemed there was no finding a solution.

Fighting for the head (Photo: Hugo Borges)
Fighting for the head (Photo: Hugo Borges)

Finally, with the help of the Humane Society International (HSI), local church members, pro animal defense groups, animal shelters, and the Municipality of Izamal, Kots Kaal Pato will be officially banned on April 23, almost a year after the article was published in Vice (May, 2015). As part of the agreement with HIS, authorities will only promote the organization of traditions in which no animals will be injured or killed.

Barbaric behavior (Photo: Hugo Borges)
Barbaric behavior (Photo: Hugo Borges)

Felipe Marquez, HSI/Mexico animal protection expert, concluded saying: “We are thrilled that this so-called fiesta is finally over. There is no excuse, cultural or religious, for this outrageous and inhumane practice to continue. Events like Kots Kaal Pato encourage animal abuse and that hurts our society and damages Mexico’s global image. We’ll continue to work with Izamal officials to ensure the ban is complete.”

By Brenda Carrión for The Yucatan Times

Sources: http://www.hsi.org/, Change.org, http://www.sinembargo.mx/