Forbes ranks Merida among best cities in Mexico to live and do business

Plaza Grande Merida (Photo:

Forbes magazine has ranked Mérida for the third time as one of the three best cities in Mexico to live, invest and do business.

In the same way as it did in 2011 and 2013, in its February 2016 issue, the renowned publication repeated the ranking that positions the Yucatecan capital along with Leon (in Guanajuato state), and San Luis Potosi (in the state of the same name).

One of the factors of these three cities is the presence of organizations and institutions that support and advise local companies that offer new job opportunites to its inhabitants, so that they do not have to travel to other destinations in search of employment.

In the case of Merida, Forbes stressed that it stands out for its climate of security, quality of life and cultural assets.

Also, Forbes gave Merida high marks for its geographical location, sea port, road infrastructure, first world premier medical services, competitive prices for land and government support to encourage investment.

Forbes magazine cited a study made by the company “A-regional Consultants”,  which mentions Merida as one of the most competitive cities for its skilled labor and the presence of high-tech companies, financial, insurance and banking services.

Plaza Grande Merida (Photo:
Plaza Grande Merida (Photo:

In Merida, as in Leon and San Luis Potosi, sustainable housing developments are driven from the conception of their projects, giving priority to green areas and mobility not only as an added value but as a general rule, said the article.

These statements were made on the print and digital editions of Forbes, and Merida was also highlighted as one of Mexico’s fashion capitals, alongside the traditional triad of Mexico City, Guadalajara and Monterrey. The article was signed by Javier Quesada, collaborator for Forbes.