Top 25 Mexican slang words every expat MUST know

This year’s “winner” is Mexico, taking that dubious honor from last year’s title holder, Italy. (Photo: Google)

Your Ultimate guide for Mexican Slang is here!

If you are an Expat living in México, you know by now that slang is a big part of the Mexican way of life.

Or maybe you are in the States or Canada planning a trip to Mexico?

Well, these are the top 25 slang words that will have you speaking like the locals in no time! Or at least understand what they’re saying.

Once you know the slang, you’ll realize that you hear it all the time. So try some out and see how you go!!
(We are incuding a few more vulgar words at the end too, just in case…)

Mexican Slang

Wey/Güey – Means dude. The number one Mexican slang word. You will hear this word everywhere on the streets and in bars with locals, mainly amoungst men. Like, how’s it going wey? What are you doing tonight wey? No wey, you can’t do that wey. You’re crazy wey. If you’re not hearing it, you’re hanging around too many tourist areas.

Que onda – How’s it going? What’s up? The most popular way to say ‘hows it going’ with friends. Can also use ‘Que tal?’ and ‘Que paso?’

No manches!! – ‘No way!’ or ‘You can’t be serious’. If someone tells you something incredible or bad has happened, or a story you don’t believe, you will say ‘No manches!

Aguas!! – Look out!! If you hear someone yell out ‘Aguas!!’, they’re telling you something is about to hit you, or quick, get out of the way.

Estoy crudo – I’m hungover. Not slang, but one you will use if you plan on partying it up in Mexico and feeling a bit rough the next day. ‘Estoy crudo. Tomé desmasiado anoche.’ I’m hungover. I drank too much last night.

Que padre – That’s awesome/really good. If someone tells you some good news or shows you something good. Say, ‘Que Padre‘. Can also say ‘Que chido‘ but that will sound more “naco” (vulgar).

Chingón – The informal/cool way to say something is awesome, the best or super good. ‘Está chingon‘ Its awesome. Used with friends. (The use of this word is not recommended in working environments or formal gatherings.) …

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This year’s “winner” is Mexico, taking that dubious honor from last year’s title holder, Italy. (Photo: Google)
Mexican crowd in Mexico City. (Photo: Google)