Proud indigenous woman participates in her first race wearing “hipil” and sandals

Cesia Tun Poot, age 24, an indigenous woman from the small town of Kuchel in the muncipality of Samahil, Yucatán participated in an eight kilometer (5 miles) race, on Sunday December 13th, 2015. She wore her traditional Yucatecan clothing garment known as “hipil” and a pair of cheap plastic sandals.

Cesia received a special award for her outstanding participation and declared that it was not impotant for her to wear sports clothes or shoes while running the eight kilometer stretch from the municipal seat of Samahil, to Kuchel, her hometown.

Cesia Poot Tun (Photo: El Sol del Poniente)
Cesia Poot Tun (Photo: El Sol del Poniente)

Upon her arrival to join the other runners, this humble Yucatecan woman captured everybody’s attention, and her image soon spread to social networks, where thousands read about her participation in the “Carrera con Causa” (“Race for a Cause”), organized by the local council of the “Instituto del Deporte del Estado de Yucatán” (Yucatan State Sports Institute) .

Shy to have photographs taken, Cesia said she is a soccer player in her native Kuchel, located eight kilometers from Samahil and this was her first time in a race.

Photo: El sol del Poniente




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