Mexico set a record in 2015 with 32.1 million international tourists arriving by air

MEXICO CITY (AFP) – Mexico set a record in 2015 with 32.1 million international tourists arriving by air, which left an economic spill of 17,457 million, as was reported on Monday February 22nd by the Ministry of Tourism.

Compared to 2014, tourist arrivals increased 9.5%, while revenue also grew 7.7%, confirming that tourism “is one of the major growing industries in Mexico”, announced the Ministry of Tourism.

On domestic tourists in 2015, about 200 million trips were made including approximatelly 80 million occupied hotel rooms, the rest stayed in the homes of friends or family while on vacation.


Tourism industry recorded in 2015 a surplus of 7 billion that “almost offset the deficit in the energy balance of the country” due to the collapse of oil prices.

Tourism is the third source of income after remittances from Mexicans in the United States and oil. Mexico has reduced its dependence on oil from 40% in 2012 to less than 20% today.