Hurricane summit meeting in Merida explores airport preparedness

Hurricane tracking airplane has visited Merida. (PHOTO:

With the participation of representatives from 25 airports in Mexico, as well as meteorologists and other experts at the National Hurricane Center in Miami, Merida is playing host to the “International Summit of Hurricanes,” which is divided between the Manuel Crescencio Rejon International Airport and the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Centre.

Along with this meeting, the XI International Hurricane Seminar Hurricane is also taking place.

Meteorologists and other specialists are participating in both events, which are being staged both in Merida and Miami, because of the good coordination that exists with the Florida USA city on the issue of hurricanes.

In Mérida activities are Feb. 18-19, and in Miami Feb. 23 to 25.

The Merida sessions are taking place in the cinemas of the Yucatán Siglo XXI Convention Centre.

A week later, on February 23 the workshop and presentation of the PREP (Port Resiliency Program) team will take place in Miami, along with a visit to the NOAA’s National Hurricane Center.

Hurricane tracking airplane has visited Merida. (PHOTO:
Hurricane tracking airplane has visited Merida. (PHOTO:

On February 25 there will be a tour of the Miami airport to see how the international air terminal for hurricane season 2016 is prepared.

The purpose of the meeting is for airports and authorities involved in the reactivation of services to address hurricane preparedness during the hurricane season this year, said Oscar Carrillo Maldonado, COO and safety director of Merida International Airport.

In previous years the hurricane summit has included top meteorologists such as Lixion Avila, a hurricane specialist at NOAA, and even a hurricane hunter plane.

The Atlantic hurricane season starts in June and runs through November.