From small loans to big business — an infographic

Yucatan is a hotbed of small businesses, as even a casual observer can see. Small businesses play a large role in the economy of Yucatan and Mexico in general. This is great – but there’s one small problem. Often times those would-be entrepreneurs are scared to take a chance and secure that first loan to help take their idea from dream to reality.

It’s no secret that every great business has to start somewhere, which is why National Funding was inspired to create this new infographic highlighting some U.S industry leaders and their little-known business financing journeys.

Nearly all large corporations have humble beginnings as small businesses. And for many, the road to becoming a big business was paved with financial assistance, in form of small business loans or infusions of working capital. Our infographic below, From Small Loans To Big Business, illustrates the business financing journey that some of the nation’s largest companies have taken on their road to success.

From Small Loans To Big Business Infographic

This infographic was brought to you by National Funding.