First case of zika acquired in Yucatan… or not?

Manuel Jesús Paredes Aguilar (

Health authorities in Mexico City, reported a confirmed case of zika on a female patient who spent 5 days in the state of Yucatan 40 days ago, from December 24th to the 29th 2015, the director of Prevention of the Ministry of the State Health reported (SSY ) Manuel Jesus Paredes Aguilar.

The official said that the patient who is now in Mexico City, made a seven day trip to Southeast Mexico visiting Tabasco and Champoton, Campeche on the 23rd, and then she stayed in the coastal town of Telchac Puerto, Yucatán from the 24th to 29th; finally driving to Coatzacoalcos, Veracruz on the 30th, from where she headed back to Mexico City.

Manuel Jesús Paredes Aguilar (
Manuel Jesús Paredes Aguilar (

The Director declared that technically there is no certainty on where exactly did she acquire the virus, but according to a regulatory protocol and the parameters used by the epidemiological association to determine the site of infection, the most likely area is where the patient remained the largest number of days, which in this case is the state of Yucatan, more precisely, the port of Telchac.

Paredes Aguilar said that this record will be reflected in the next bulletin issued by federal authorities, however there is no evidence of local transmission, he added that all mandatory vector control actions have already been implemented.