ELA Expo Lighting America be held in Mexico from Feb. 24 to 26

Seeking to fulfill the goal of producing more renewable energy by 2030, Mexico is making changes to be able to increase the production of energy from renewable resources. It’s been estimated that by 2028 it will be able to produce 19,761 MW from green sources, from the 16,947 MW produced in 2014.

Nowadays caring for the environment and leaving the least damage on the planet as possible, is of extreme importance. For businesses, it is essential that productivity is linked to the reduction of environmental impact and that strategies should aim to fulfill the objective of eco energy efficiency, a philosophy that is part of the sustainable development of organizations and companies.

It is expected that by applying this process the environment should improve, with a decrease in pollution, less use of energy, generating less heat; all of this, with the use of elements such as energy saving light bulbs, fluorescent lamps, LED lighting, electrical optimizers, among others.

On this subject, eco energy efficiency is an important link joining sustainable practices and care for the environment. For such reason events such as the ELA Expo Lighting America, are a great opportunity where providers of eco lighting solutions gather to present their products to the public and entrepreneurs who want eco-friendly solutions.

Eco eficiencia energetica

This event will be held in Mexico City from February 24 to 26 at Centro Banamex.  It will also feature its “Green Museum,” an interactive area that showcases innovative products and lighting appliances designed especially for those who are committed to decrease their environmental impact.

Source: mexiconewsnetwork