Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán is going to need a lot of meaty bones to make a third successful jailbreak.

Why? Because dogs are a man’s best friend — unless you’re El Chapo.

Dogs at the Altiplano maximum security prison have been specially trained to detect the smell of drug cartel leader Guzmán should he try to escape custody a third time. And prison officials have taken other extraordinary measures to keep him behind bars.

The boss of the Sinaloa Cartel was recaptured January 8 after a massive manhunt that began with his escape from the same prison on July 11 last year. An elaborate 1.5-kilometer-lung tunnel was his escape route that time.


For his first prison break-out, in 2001, he is believed to have been wheeled out while hidden in a laundry cart.

Now that Guzmán is back behind bars, prison authorities have taken additional precautions against another escape.

As well as the “smell-Chapo” dogs, as they are known in the prison, cell floors have been reinforced with steel mesh and four times as many video cameras are now providing surveillance.

And more cameras are on order. It is anticipated that by April there will be 1,000 installed at Altiplano.

Another strategy has been moving the jail’s most important prisoner from cell to cell. During his first five nights back, Guzmán was moved to a different cell seven times.

The guards responsible for moving him are equipped with video cameras on their helmets. And two guards remain outside his cell 24 hours a day.

Prison visitors are subject to a more rigorous inspection and sensors detecting movement in the ground, which were not operating last July, are now functioning properly.


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