Merida cathedral sound-and-light show dazzles spectators

(PHOTO: Robert Adams)

Thousands of spectators who gathered in Merida’s Plaza Grande were dazzled by a colorful nighttime sound-and-light show projected on the facade of the historic cathedral telling the story of the White City’s history.

The hour-long spectacle Saturday Jan. 16 featured images of key personages in Merida’s development and narration that included highlights of the city’s 474 years of history.

The free video spectacle produced by Luis Ramírez titled Piedras Sagradas (“Sacred Stones”) was presented as part of Merida Fest 2016, a three week-long cultural festival that continues through Jan. 24.

Also featured during the presentation was the Merida City Chorus performing vocal works by J.S. Bach and others. After the sound-and-light show concluded, international violinist Elena Mikhailova performed a concert of classical music by Nicolo Paganini.

Ramirez’s spectacle transformed the 16th Century cathedral’s ancient facade into a dynamic canvas illuminated with various colors and images, including conquistadores, ships, flowers and abstract designs. Scores of spectators using cameras and cell phones snapped photos and recorded videos of the impressive production.

The chorus’ rousing performance of Bach’s Hallelujah animated the crowd, which included a wide range of ages and a mix of Yucatecans and visitors.

Mikhailova’s concert was an appropriate coda for the spectacle that lasted well into the night.

Several other events in far-flung parts of Merida Saturday night attracted substantial crowds and enlivened the city’s streets with bustling activity.

A list of the remaining events in Merida Fest 2016 is available here.

Photos and text by Robert Adams for TYT