Mayor of Valladolid pays visit to the “Three Wise Men”

The mayor of Valladolid, Alpha Tavera Escalante, who still believes in the “Three Wise Men” (and probably in Santa Claus too), came to Merida with her family on Wednesday January 6th specifically to ask “Los Reyes Magos” for a gift: wellbeing for the citizens of her town.

Recently elected last September 1st, the official took time to share with her family and enjoyed posing with the trio at a local shopping mall. She claimed to be devoted to the Three Kings, and asked them fervently for the wellbeing of the inhabitants of Valladolid.

The mayor said in an interview with SIPSE Milenio that Valladolid feels identified as a society with the ideals of Felipe Carrillo Puerto, a historic character whom she described as an outstanding Yucatecan leader who believed in equality, and defended the rights of the indigenous people of his state.

Valladolid Mayor
Alpha Tavera Escalante, mayor of Valladolid claimed to be devoted of the Three Wise Men (Photo: SIPSE)

She explained that three months after taking office, she has found great acceptance from her fellow citizens, who have recognized an overall improvement of public services in the last four months.

Finally, she underlined her ability to comply in accordance with the law, with all payments and conditions in a timely manner, despite the fact that many predicted her government would collapse in less than a month.