Court upholds 12-year sentence for American TV producer jailed in Quintana Roo

Bruce Beresford's jail sentence was upheld.(PHOTO:

CANCUN, Q. Roo — An American television producer convicted of killing his wife in Cancún in 2010 has had his 12-year prison sentence upheld by a court in Quintana Roo.

Bruce Beresford, producer of programs such as Survivor and Pimp My Ride, was sentenced last March after being found guilty of killing his wife, Mónica Burgos, while on vacation.

In the latest decision, Beresford was also ordered to pay 43,000 pesos (US $2,360) in reparation to Burgos’ mother.

Beresford reported the disappearance of his wife on April 6, 2010. Two days later her body was found in a septic tank some 80 meters from the hotel in which Burgos and her husband were staying with their two children.

Bruce Beresford's jail sentence was upheld.(PHOTO:
Bruce Beresford’s jail sentence was upheld.(PHOTO:

The couple were attempting a reconciliation at the time following an affair between Beresford and another woman.

Scratches on his arms and face and contradictions in the case made him a suspect and he was ordered to remain in Mexico and surrender his passport. But Beresford left, crossing the border on foot and traveling across the U.S. by train to his home in Los Angeles, further raising suspicions about his guilt.

After an international warrant was issued, he surrendered to police and was returned to Mexico.

CBS News aired a report on Beresford in 2014 using footage he had shot in his Mexican jail. The former producer of Survivor said he was living in “survival mode.”





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