Chiapas will improve and enforce rainforest protection

La Encrucijada, Chiapas (Photo: Diseño Libre)

Chiapas Governor Manuel Velasco Coello’s and the federal governments will continue the joint effort to preserve the Selva Lacandona (an area of rainforest which stretches from Chiapas into Guatemala and into the southern part of the Yucatan Península), considered to be Mexico’s largest natural “lung,” by paying for the  environmental services of its guardians.

At the same time, they will seek to expand the program so that more people can participate in protecting natural resources.

La Encrucijada, Chiapas (Photo: Diseño Libre)
La Encrucijada, Chiapas (Photo: Diseño Libre)

The monetary support given in recognition of the men and women who serve and protect the Selva Lacandona will be strengthened, said Velasco Coello.

The allocation of financial resources is of paramount importance to communities which have been trained to protect this rainforest, because the welfare of families is promoted along with the protection of natural resources, the governor concluded.