TYT celebrates fifth anniversary with strong growth in readership

On Friday December 4th, The Yucatan Times celebrates its fifth anniversary.

It’s been five years since our news website went online for the first time in its first phase as a weekly electronic publication for the English-speaking community in the Yucatan.

But in 2013, The Yucatan Times entered a new era, with a brand new administration that appointed a Content Manager to lead a team of editors, translators, graphic designers and programmers. This team now updates the site throughout each day and has implemented a strong Social Media strategy.


An Editorial Board consisting of prominent members of the Yucatan expatriate community was designated, and offices on historic Paseo de Montejo, Downtown Mérida, were installed.

TYT’s main target audience is the English-speaking community in Mexico, but we also post relevant information for English speakers around the world who are looking at the Yucatan Peninsula as their next travel destination or place of residence.

We are the only online newspaper recognized by Google News, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle and Huffington Post, amongst others, as a reliable source of news in English for the Yucatan Peninsula.

Reader’s perspective
Offering truthful and objective information for the English-speaking community, we are a major reference regarding the Yucatan Peninsula for foreign audiences planning travel or residence in the Yucatan Peninsula.

Advertiser’s Perspective
The Yucatan Times provides advertisers with a platform to reach a local business market segment with high purchasing power and discretionary income.

Currently, The Yucatan Times has more than 6,000 followers on its different social networks.


Our website traffic has grown exponentially in 2015, as we near the 3 million page-views milestone and have an average of 5,000 unique visitors daily.

The Yucatan Times is looking at a bright future with growth expectations and is planning several exciting new ventures aimed at serving the expat community in Mexico.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank readers, advertisers and contributors for your continued support and hope you join us in looking forward to another successful year in 2016.

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