Survey finds Mexicans asked Santa for better security


What did Mexicans want for Christmas? Security, better governments and the elimination of corruption were the top wishes in a pre-Christmas survey.

Questioned as to what they would ask from Santa Claus to improve Mexico, 28% said security, followed by 17% better governments, 7% the elimination of corruption, 7% economic improvement and 6% more jobs.

The survey of 600 adults also touched on other themes such as the religious aspect of the holiday, food and drink and how much they would spend on Christmas dinner.

The first question asked if the celebration of the posadas was in decline, and if so why. The posadas are a tradition of house-to-house processions intended to represent the search for an inn by Mary and Joseph on Christmas Eve. Sixty-nine per cent believed it was disappearing, primarily due to economic considerations.

The survey went on to find that 70% of Mexicans decorate a Christmas tree in their homes, the same percentage decorate their homes with lights, while 60% set up a nativity scene.

What was the first thought that came to mind on hearing the word Christmas? For 24% it was family get-togethers, for 16% parties, 10% said happiness, 9% said gifts and 7% the birth of Jesus Christ.

Nine out of 10 surveyed indicated they celebrated the event.

Of those, 37% ate turkey for Christmas dinner and 10% a leg of pork. Tamales were enjoyed by 10%, pozole by 7% and chicken by 6%. The drink of choice for 40% was ponche, 20% said cider, 15% preferred a soft drink, 7% opted for wine and 3% for beer.

And how much did they spend on dinner? More than 50% said they spent just under 2,000 pesos (USD $125).

The survey was conducted by Gabinete de Comunicación Estratégica.