Private sector sees encouraging economic panorama in Campeche

Gov. Moreno at Coparmex Campeche (Archive:

Campeche Governor Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas announced his State’s Economic Development Plan to the presidents of the local Business Coordinating Council of Campeche (CCEC) and the National Chamber of Industry (Canacintra), which will give their support to trigger the state’s economy.

The president of CCE, Gustavo Rodríguez Valle, found interesting the approach of the three axis and the 21 programs that will be developed during the six year administration, because there are good prospects of industry to join the state government’s effort, but most of all the business opportunities that can derive of these programs.

He said that the business sector will analyze the framework program for economic development, to see in which sector can the CCE participate, as there is a wide variety of items and interesting programs, so they will have to make a complete analysis in order to take the proper guidelines.

The business sector gave its vote of confidence to the Program for Economic Development, and they see an encouraging scenario and therefore consider that it is worth taking the opportunity.

Meanwhile, the President of Campeche’s Chamber of Industry (Canacintra), reaffirmed his support for the framework program for economic development, as he said that entrepreneurs are engaged with the government to work hand in hand and do their best to meet the common objectives successfully.

Canacintra’s President concluded that the economic development program is exactly what the local enterpreneurs were waiting for a long time, since it covers all the guidelines that the state needs to join economically and detonate the industry, and so Canacintra will be involved in multiple programs.




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