New CT scanner inaugurated at Chetumal’s general hospital

New CT Scan Unit inaugurted at General Hospital of Chetumal (Photo:

Roberto Borge Angulo, governor of Quintana Roo, accompanied by state Family Development Agency (DIF) President Mariana Zorrilla de Borge, inaugurated the new CT scanner at the general hospital in Chetumal, where he also delivered over 17 new vehicles to the state Health Secretariat. The investment totaled over 23 million pesos (USD$1.3 million).

A CT scan, also called X-ray computed tomography (X-ray CT) or computerized axial tomography scan (CAT scan), makes use of computer-processed combinations of many X-ray images taken from different angles to produce cross-sectional (tomographic) images (virtual ‘slices’) of specific areas of a scanned object, allowing the specialist to see inside the object without cutting.

“Just over one year ago, the MRI system was implemented here. Today we deliver this scanner in order to strengthen the state health services. This will improve the conditions for the care of the state population. The preservation of the life and health of our people is a crucial issue,” said Borge Angulo.

New CT Scan Unit inaugurted at General Hospital of Chetumal (Photo:
New CT Scan Unit inaugurted at General Hospital of Chetumal (Photo:

Mere minutes can be crucial during medical emergencies, said the governor. “With this scanner, we are able to serve the population with the latest health technology. Now, the population of southern Quintana Roo can feel safer and more confident in the ability of health services to address and resolve any medical emergency,” he added.

Public health is one of the major responsibilities of any government administration, “so the three levels of government are coordinated to meet this social demand. First of all, comes the interest of President Enrique Peña Nieto in supporting the state for the benefit of health services and other projects important to Quintana Roo,” Borge Angulo said.

The CT scanner represented an investment of 16.3 million pesos (USD$965,000) and will provide service for 689,111 citizens affiliated with Popular Insurance, out of the total 1.3 million people registered.




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