The Associated Press reports that this year’s miserly and insulting increase of about $3 pesos (USD 17 cents) per day to Mexico’s extremely low minimum wage has sparked calls for changing the way salary levels are set.

On Monday December 14th, politicians from the left and right blasted the increase, which is equivalent to about 4 percent of the USD$4.20 daily minimum wage. That wage is equivalent to about 50 cents per hour.

The government argued that was well above the expected inflation rate for the coming year. But critics charged the raise, accumulated over a work week, not even significant enough to buy one taco.

With the increase, the daily minimum wage of about $73 pesos per day is about enough to buy one Big Mac combo with fries and a drink.

minimum wage

The head of the leftist Democratic Revolution Party, Agustin Basave, called for the elimination of the quasi-government board that sets the wage. Basave said the raise was “meager and insignificant.”

Conservative National Action party legislator Arlette Munoz said the raise was “way short” of what Mexican families need.

About 6.9 million of Mexico’s 50.7 million-strong workforce earn the minimum wage.





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