Northern Mexican state sets example in signing anti-poverty deal

The northern Mexican state of Coahuila sets the example at the national level while signing and implementing an anti-poverty agreement, in order to reduce extreme poverty and improve quality of life and life expectancy among its population.

Can Yucatán follow the pace and do the same for the people of our beloved state?

José Antonio Meade Kuribreña, head of the Social Development Secretariat (Sedesol), and Coahuila Gov. Rubén Moreira Valdez made a working tour around the Ciudad Acuña municipality, where they signed the Coahuila Without Poverty agreement, inaugurated the food bank expansion and delivered support and benefits to Ciudad Acuña families.

This was the first visit Meade Kuribreña has made to Coahuila as Social Development secretary. During the inauguration of the expansion and equipping of the Cáritas A.C. Food Bank, he highlighted the work done by the Coahuila government in coordination with the federal agency in the fight against poverty.

“The main ally of poverty in Mexico is indifference. Our country has all the elements it needs to overcome it. Mexico is a country capable of creating agreements and major reforms which will benefit all its inhabitants,” said Meade Kuribreña after signing the Coahuila Without Poverty agreement with Moreira Valdez at the Torreón Urban Forest.

Meade Kuribreña thanked everyone involved in the Torreón food bank project, including entrepreneurs, legislators, the church, and the state and municipal governments.

Social Development Secretary José Antonio Meade Kuribreña and Coahuila Gov. Rubén Moreira Valdez. (Photo: THE NEWS)

“The fight against poverty is the fight to exercise human rights. That is the goal of the agreement signed with the Coahuila government. We want a state without poverty, with children going to school, healthy families and decent housing. Poverty can only be overcome with teamwork. We will make poverty a thing of the past. I’m pleased to close the year with this trip to Coahuila,” said Meade Kuribreña.

Moreira Valdez emphasized the full and ongoing support Coahuila has received from President Enrique Peña Nieto’s government and recalled his last visit to the state.

“This support has paid off in many ways, such as the help we had in making this food bank a reality. We also have built 202 new high schools and seven new universities,” Moreira Valdez concluded.